Brabners Legal Accelerator Programme

Do you want to gain confidence in approaching legal principles for your business? We are offering 25 founders the opportunity to participate in this 6-week immersive programme that is aimed at providing UK-based SMEs with all relevant knowledge and skills needed to navigate the legal aspects of starting and running a business. 


This virtual programme will include a short series of masterclasses focused on ensuring the founders have a strong understanding of the different legal concepts and clear access to the various legal resources, tools and communities.


Programme Runs: May 13th - June 24th 2021


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Foundervine are pleased to announce a partnership with Brabners to launch the
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Legal Accelerator Programme
The programme will illuminate and demystify key legal principles and enable you and your team to navigate with confidence common legal topics as you grow your business. 
Learn about protecting your intellectual property (IP), copyright law, business structures, contracts, employment law and much more... 
Through a series of masterclasses with the amazing legal team at Brabners, this accelerator programme aims to give you the legal resources, knowledge and tools to navigate all those important legal matters.
The programme will demystify important legal principles and highlight key areas of focus *(check out the syllabus) enabling you and your teams to navigate common legal topics with confidence on their business journey.


Attend masterclasses, learn from industry experts and develop the ability to be able to identify legal risks and issues in your business

Increase your confidence in approaching legal principles, ask those burning questions and gain a strong understanding of how business law plays a role in your business development.
Take Action
Build your bank of information, practice embedding these fundamentals into your business with the support of lawyers and mentors 

Join the Brabners Legal Accelerator

Throughout the 6 weeks, the programme will cover 6 different areas that will equip you with what is needed to identify and manage legal risks and issues in their business.

Applications Now Open!

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A Message From Our Partner

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Piers Dryden

Partner, Head of the Technology Sector 

Our Technology Sector group is active both in advising clients running cutting-edge tech businesses and supporting the technology community. We know that talent, drive and ambition are universal, and we are determined to ensure that access to professional support is equally so.

At Brabners we are passionate about diversity and the role of business in driving positive social change. We are working with Foundervine to improve social mobility by removing the barriers to legal support that many budding under-represented entrepreneurs still face today. We have put together this comprehensive legal accelerator programme to equip the delegates with the legal awareness and expertise to thrive.”


Your Journey

Thursday 13th May

Week 1 - Equitable Involvement

It is essential to understand some legal fundamentals as you set up your business for success. Key legal principles ranging from understanding your company’s constitution and how it works to the core elements of share capital and more besides are essential to getting the most from your company and enabling employees and investors to do the same.

Thursday 10 June 2021

Week 4 - Assets Protection

An idea is only as good as the legal and contractual protection that means that you and only you can exploit its value. Learn how to protect and exploit the innovations and ideas that make your business so special. 

Thursday 20 May 2021 

Week 2 - Funding and Investment

Securing a decent runway is essential to having the time to succeed so understanding the investment process, the key legal principles that underpin it and what to avoid is vital. In this module we cover the essentials of funding and investment.

Thursday 17 June 2021

Week 5 - Exits and Outcomes

At some point you want to impose some version of success on your business. That may be by way of a financial exit or it might be by some other measurement. Learn how to translate the success that you have achieved, however you define that, into a tangible outcome that reflects the ambitions you had when you started out and beyond.

Thursday 27 May 2021

Week 3 - Commercial Operations

In a highly regulated world where bad news travels fast, robust compliance and governance processes are not optional. Learn how to manage risk and protect your business as it grows.

Thursday 24 June 2021

Week 6 - Roundtable

A final opportunity to get you remaining questions answered!

Who is the legal accelerator for?

Brabners Legal Accelerator is delivered in partnership with a leading independent law firm Brabners. It is therefore FREE for eligible UK based early-stage businesses. 


Who should apply?

  • Founders and/or C suite of a UK company, registered with Companies House 

  • Early-stage and actively seeking the next stage in business growth

  • Early Stage Founders whose business is already running or at least an MVP

  • Able to commit to all six weeks of programme



Need advice? Have questions? Our Admissions team is here to help.


Q: Who is eligible for the programme?

  • Founders and/or C suite of a UK company, registered with Companies House 

  • Early-stage and actively seeking the next stage in business growth

  • Early Stage Founders whose business is already running or at least an MVP

  • Able to commit to all six weeks of programme - May 13th - June 24th 2021

Q: How much do the events cost?

  • The Brabners Legal Accelerator is free to attend for eligible applicants.  ​


Q: How do I register for an event?


  • ​Click the 'Apply Now' button and complete the registration to book your place.


Q: Do I have to attend all six sessions?

  • Yes, as this program has been designed as a 6-week course, with each session building on the learnings of the last. We are looking for participants who can commit to attending all the sessions across the 6 weeks.


Q: Are all the sessions online?

  • Yes, all sessions will be delivered online. You will need a laptop/iPad or phone with a good internet connection to be able to join sessions.


Q: What are the timings of the sessions?


  • The program will run from May, 2021 until June, 2021, from 5:30pm or 6pm - 8pm. Please note that you will need to be able to attend each session to be eligible to take part. 


Q: How can I get in touch if I have any other questions?

Join the Brabners Legal Accelerator

Don't miss out on this amazing FREE programme! Apply today to gain the vital legal know-how to identify and manage legal risks and issues in your business.

Applications Now Open!

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