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VIne Fellowship | Foundervine


We are leaders, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, investors and experts committed to helping tomorrow’s digital tech leaders and underserved founders grow.
We are not currently accepting further applications for our Fellowship, but please sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with all our latest news and updates!

Why join the Vine Fellowship?

1. Become a start-up mentor

Foundervine has engaged over 2,000 future founders since our launch. As a mentor, you will serve as strategic sounding board, connector, and trusted advisor for Foundervine entrepreneurs on our programs. The commitment is 2-3 hours per program.

2. Engage in Public Speaking

We host a series of high-profile events throughout the year which have been featured in publications such as The Times, Tatler and The Telegraph. As a speaker, you will share your area of expertise with Foundervine entrepreneurs, provide workshops and training at Foundervine’s immersive training experiences and events.

3. Become a Thought Leader

As a thought leader, you will write articles that are featured across Foundervine’s social media and contribute to panels at scheduled events. Thought leaders help to facilitate continuous learning and knowledge sharing within our community. See recent content written by Fellows Daniel Tuitt and Kathryn Tingle.

4. Build your Professional Community

We provide the networks, space and security for Fellows to practice self-reflection, broaden their perspectives and grow their own ventures or professional profile. We do this through our Fellows Gatherings which happen quarterly as well as through various Foundervine and partner events throughout the year.

Who are we looking for?

Our Fellows are individuals who share our ethos for building a digital technology ecosystem which reflects our society. Fellows come from diverse cultural, geographic and socioeconomic backgrounds and work in any sector. They must be committed to using their skills to achieve social impact and increasing diversity and inclusion in the tech sector. They are individuals who are making a long-term play at system-level impact and are seeking the leadership skills and moral imagination to make it happen.


Typically in one of the following trajectories: experienced entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs whether for-profit, non-profit, or in government. We define that as:

    • entrepreneurs: founding or leading an innovative for-profit or non-profit organisation

    • intrapreneurs: creating innovative solutions from within an existing institution by shifting its culture and building new collaborations

  • Individuals who have a demonstrated history of impact, commitment and concrete connection to the digital tech ecosystem.

  • Leaders with 3+ years of experience with strong personal integrity and a critical mind

  • Committed individuals ready to support founders to varying degrees for 12-months through a personal transformation and leadership journey.


Commitment is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. We ask that Fellows commit to 12-months supporting Foundervine programs and will be called on throughout the year dependent on program and availability.  Our Vine Fellows should be committed, reliable, maintain confidentiality and respect members of our community.

Fellows Gatherings

Every quarter our Fellows come together at Fellows Gatherings. Gatherings provide an opportunity for leaders to connect face to face, explore opportunities for collaboration and gain insight into emerging global and local challenges. Each Gathering takes its own shape. The different types of content include Q&As, pitch rounds, ideation sessions, expert panels, keynote sessions and networking activities. Fellows Gatherings typically happen four times a year.

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