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We are leaders, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, investors and experts committed to helping tomorrow’s digital tech leaders and underserved founders grow.

Be Part of a Community of Leaders
and Changemakers

The Foundervine Fellowship offers you a unique opportunity to harness the strength of collective wisdom, embrace diverse perspectives, and benefit from the unwavering support and inspiration of your fellow participants. Through exceptional events, you'll not only gain a profound sense of achievement but also leave with a well-crafted plan to navigate your future journey. As a fellow you would be part of our robust range of programs, initiatives, and events as speakers, mentors, and advisors. In return, we accelerate your development by facilitating transformational learning, helping you to expand your skill set, network with like-minded professionals, and make a lasting impact on the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

What we offer

This one-year programme will involve a number of elements throughout the year and you will be part of a community of peers.  By being a ‘Fellow’ you gain visibility and influence within the ecosystem as well as gaining access to a powerful community of influential entrepreneurs, investors and industry professionals associated with Foundervine.

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Drama Students


What you need to know

Our three-stage application process ensures that applicants are at the right stage of their journey to gain the maximum benefit from this amazing opportunity. To apply successfully, it's important to meet the application criteria and ensure your business aligns with the program requirements.

  1. Professional Qualifications
    At least three years of professional experience in their field, including such as startup operator experience, financial management, investment, AI, product development or ESG expertise.

  2. Skills & Experiences
    The applicants have the skills and experience that startups need from incubation to acceleration. This experience will be valuable to the community and to other fellows.

  3. Impact Work
    Candidates should demonstrate a strong interest in promoting social impact and driving positive change in their communities.

  4. Commitment & Passion
    Actively participating in the program for at least one year, attending events, engaging with early-stage startups, and mentoring other Fellows.

  5. Diversity
    The program is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and aims to recruit Fellows from underrepresented groups, including women, people of colour, and minority groups. 


The first cohort will have 30 spaces available and the intake timelines are defined here. We will be running 3 cohorts in total and we will announce timelines for applications for the next cohort soon.

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Have questions about
The Foundervine Fellowship?

Get in touch with us at [email protected]

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