The Foundervine Fellowship is a selected group of value-driven leaders in digital fields, entrepreneurs, and subject matter experts who collectively develop young entrepreneurs through skills development and mentoring.

A new leadership development programme launching in 2020 from 

1. Mentor new entrepreneurs

Foundervine has engaged over 2,000 future founders since our launch. As a mentor, you will serve as strategic sounding board, connector, and trusted advisor for Foundervine entrepreneurs on our programmes.


Mentors are pivotal to entrepreneurs’ journeys as they empower them to achieve their goals and succeed in building robust businesses. 

2. Speak at exciting events

We host a series of high-profile events throughout the year which have been featured in publications such as the Sunday Times, Techspark and The Voice. As a speaker, you will share your area of expertise with Foundervine entrepreneurs such as business modelling, sales strategy, pitching and more.


Speakers provide workshops and training at Foundervine’s immersive training experiences and events.

3. Judge at competitions

High-quality feedback, access to investors, experts and partners is core to our work.


As a judge you will help identify future pioneers of industry and connect them to growth opportunities. Judges assess business ideas, rate pitches, decide award-winners, and provide feedback at competitive events.

4. Become a thought leader

As a thought leader, you will write articles that are featured across Foundervine’s social media and contribute to panels at scheduled events.


Thought leaders help to facilitate continuous learning and knowledge sharing within our community.

WHat is the aim of the foundervine fellowship?

The Vine Community has grown from a handful of founders in London to hundreds of founders globally - most prominently the UK, US and West Africa. Our community of over 2,000 leaders are involved in leveraging technology to promote economic growth, increasing opportunity and narrowing the diversity gap in digital entrepreneurship. 

The aim of the Fellows programme is to build a high-impact community of professionals that together accelerate the growth of the digital ecosystem. Fellows are like the glue that hold Foundervine's work together, interlocking and working together in order to ensure that Foundervine can support as many diverse future founders as possible. 

Fellows can be members of the Foundervine community already or partners and allies who have expressed an interest in supporting the mission to help diverse entrepreneurs succeed.


Foundervine’s community is a space for people with shared values interested in launching an innovative idea, joining a team, or building an inclusive and impactful start-up.


We are looking for:

  • Entrepreneurs with a demonstrated track record of success

  • Industry-specific professionals such as lawyers, investors, accountants and more

  • General business professionals with significant management experience

  • Technical experts such as engineers, designers and product managers

  • Community driven people to help us better serve our community




We ask that Fellows commit to one year supporting our services, we will then review how the year has been and whether there is more we can do to support our Fellows for another year.


Our Vine Fellows should be committed, reliable, maintain confidentiality and respect members of our community.




For supporting our community, we will be looking to recognise a subset of Fellows in the annual Future One Fifty Awards. Fellows will be awarded based on a community vote and a Foundervine director’s vote to recognise hard work carried out throughout the year.

If you have any questions regarding the programme or application process, feel free to email our team at

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