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Launched in 2021, Wray Forward is a free & inclusive programme built to nurture

the foundations of the entrepreneurial community.

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Founder Growth Circle

Join a private leadership community for growth-stage founders that builds a “personal board of advisors” around you. Among a trusted set of peers, you give and get insights, ideas, support & answers. A collective reservoir of wisdom and experience, dedicated to propelling your growth journey forward.


This platform fuels individual development, whilst creating a space where everyone's voice is heard.


Application Criteria

​Your Business

  • At least one member of your senior team identifies as Black

  • Minimum age 25+

  • Must be located in the UK

  • Show revenue generated or funding raised of a minimum of £20,000

  • Have been running and trading for at least 12 months

  • Must be in one of the following industries:

    • Tech​

    • Health Wellness and Beauty

    • FMCG

    • Creative Industries

Why Wray Forward?


Unveil the essence of our Wray Forward programme, intricately designed to address the diverse challenges facing our entrepreneurial and artistic community, driven by an unwavering commitment to fostering inclusivity and support in the aftermath of the pandemic's disruptions, with the ultimate goal of facilitating sustainable growth and collective resilience, aiming not only to provide immediate assistance but also to ignite a transformative journey, amplifying the voices and ambitions of our vibrant community, guiding them towards lasting success and prosperity.

Wray Forward is a free programme built to change and support the foundations of our community.

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