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How to Code
in 3 Weeks

New Free Course Available to Lambeth Residents

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Applications Open

02 March 2023

Course Dates

27 March - 11 April 2023

In today's world, where technology is rapidly advancing, having the ability to code can give you a significant advantage over your peers. Employers across all kinds of industries are looking for candidates with knowledge in these areas, and a willingness to learn.


With coding and programming increasingly being taught in schools, those who have completed their formal education may feel that they need to upskill themselves to keep up with the changing pace within a multitude of sectors. According to Forbes, the global number of software developers will increase to 45 million by 2030. With this rise in demand, many coding jobs have become available, with new ones materialising every year.


Join us on our three-week course, where our expert speakers will support you to learn different coding and programming languages, enabling you to gain a better understanding of how computers and software work. While many people see coding as a highly technical skill, it is, in fact, another form of literacy, like a new language, but for computers. 


This type of knowledge can help you to create your own digital products and services, create games, mobile apps and websites, and even solve complex problems. If you are interested in learning this valuable and rewarding skill, sign up for this free course for Lambeth residents now!

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Masterclass Sessions

Introduction to

This introduction

session will provide

you with the foundational skill set required to

write code, and edit

& run programs.

27 Mar 2023

Introduction to

This masterclass will allow you to build on the skills you learned in your intro. You will learn how to use functions, control flow & write basic algorithms.

31 Mar 2023


In this session,

our industry expert

will guide you through the essentials of how to

build websites using HTML, CSS & Javascript.

03 Apr 2023


This masterclass will delve into the concept of object-oriented programming using Python & how it is used to organise code & model real-life problems.

06 Apr 2023


This masterclass will

guide you through the fundamental data structures such as

arrays, lists &


11 Apr 2023

Spaces are limited...

Course Experts

Ola Otaiku.jpg

Ola Otaiku

Software Engineer,

Ola is a software engineer at and co-founder of Xuntos. Ola graduated with a Computer Science at the University of Hull in 2018, where he launched Xuntos and co-founded UK Black Tech.

He has since been recognised by Tech Nation as one of the 50 most inspiring, and influential black voices in the country.

Andre Hitchman.png

Andre Hitchman


Andre is the co-founder of Xuntos and Software Engineer specialising in Android Mobile development at Kin + Carta. He works as a consultant building technology products UK's leading brands like Tesco, Shell & Rail Delivery Group.


He graduated with a Computer Science degree from the University of Hull in 2016.

Bernard Kambasha.jpg

Bernard Kambasha

Senior Solution Architect, 

Bernard is Senior Solution Architect at Capgemini transforming digital workplaces one project at a time. He is passionate about using technology to solve organisational challenges. He graduated from the University of Hull, where studied Computer Science.

Bernard is a certified AWS Cloud Architect.

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Course Incentives


Win 1-1 business mentoring sessions with an

industry professional


Organisations will be awarded support & grants ranging from £100 - £1000 for their businesses


Join a thriving community of founders & leaders supporting each other for mutual success

  • How much do the events cost?
    The Accelerator is free to attend for eligible applicants. ​
  • How do I register for an event?
    Simply complete the sign up form.
  • Do I have to attend all five sessions?
    Yes, as this programme has been designed as a 5-week course, with each session building on the learnings of the last. We are looking for participants who can commit to attending all the sessions.
  • Are all the sessions online?
    Yes, they are all online. You just need a laptop/iPad with a good internet connection to join any session.
  • How can I get in touch if I have any other questions?
    Feel free to email us at [email protected]

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