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A series of 6 multi-session courses to provide key digital and business skills exclusively to Lambeth residents.


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Nov 2021 - Jun 2022



Introducing Lambeth 2021-2022 a series of courses, offered in partnership with Lambeth Council and the Mayor's Office, focused on improving your digital and business skills. The courses feature personalized, hands-on skills training, expert mentors, networking opps and more!


What you'll gain:

  • The confidence to start your own business or a launch a career in tech.

  • CV enhancing development opportunities through our exciting courses - involving website building, design, and branding.

  • Access to industry experts and promotional offers for the tools you'll need to succeed


Who's it for:

  • Lambeth residents aged 19 or older

  • Especially those interested in improving their digital knowledge and business development skills

  • We particularly welcome individuals who are underrepresented in industry including women, people from black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds, people living with disabilities and people from low socio-economic backgrounds

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