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As part of Foundervine’s mission to support idea-stage to early-stage startup founders in Lambeth, the Lambeth Business Fund has been established. Our goal is to improve and elevate the level of business growth for Lambeth-based residents through funding for innovative business ideas and projects.


This year the Lambeth Business Fund is offering up to £7,000 for businesses in the borough of Lambeth. The grants will range from £100 - £1000 and will be available for all 2023 attendees of the Lambeth Adult Learning programme.

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How does the fund support you?


Organisations will be awarded grants ranging from £100 - £1000 to

support their businesses

Capacity Building Support

Organisations will receive non-financial capacity building support through masterclasses, trainings, coaching or mentoring in order to scale up their businesses

Community Support

Organisations will be added to the Vine Community where they can tap into the resources of the Community for growth.



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Application Criteria

  • All applicants must be residents of Lambeth 

  • All applicants must be 19 years or older

  • All applicants must have completed at least one Lambeth programme workshop

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Application Procees


Apply and attend one full

course on the Lambeth

Learning Programme.


All applications will be reviewed by our team

of experts over 3 weeks.


Once your attendance is confirmed you will receive a application to complete.


Once descisions are made all applicants will receive an update on their application status.

The Vine Fund, Foundervine’s flagship grant funding opportunity, aims to support social impact initiatives built by ambitious founders across the world. From ending extreme poverty to protecting our planet, the Fund aims to also create a more sustainable future in line with the UN Sustainable

Development Goals.

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