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#SU54 Founders Series: Fred Osei

Fred Osei is an IT Project Manager. His team 'YouCan' came up with educational software that will supply students in Africa with educational materials.

What can I say about SU54 weekend? I’m trying to think about a negative, but cannot think of one… perhaps it felt too short? That’s about the only 'negative' I can think of because the SU54 was amazing (It should have lasted a whole week although I was shattered on Monday)!

When I signed up, I expected the event to be one of those where we’d listen to many speakers, form a small group and work for a couple of hours and that’s it... just to get me pumped up for a few days before the excitement subsides (then be on the lookout for another event). However, SU54 was nothing like that! There, we had the chance to actually work on our own project ideas, speak to “real” people in Africa to hear about “on the ground” issues, worked closely with successful entrepreneurs to better develop our ideas and was offered a chance to pitch in front of a “Dragon’s Den” type panel of judges.

What Foundervine offered was exactly what I needed to give myself a permanent push as I have been sitting on many ideas in the past and saw a couple of them created by other people! I refuse to let this happen again (Sharon K would agree!) and Foundervine gave me the mental support and more importantly, the connections with many outstanding, like-minded, young entrepreneurs that I believe will have a great future impact on Africa.

For my Christian folks; Ecclesiastes 4:9, states that “two people are better than one as we’ll help each other succeed”. This is exactly what this weekend taught me; I always did everything alone, and it didn’t get me very far, but within a team, 'YouCan' do wonders! (Got the pun Sigourney, Shiran? ).

Shout out to the Foundervine team, that made this weekend possible, to Dr Barbara N, who indirectly became our “weekend” mentor and to my teammates, Sigourney and Shiran, together we created an eLearning software which I know will affect the lives of many students in Africa positively! Watch this space!


This Series is for and by our #SU54Africa entrepreneurs as they share their learnings and experience from our SU54 weekend.

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