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4 Newsletters That Will Inspire, Educate and Entertain You

I really believe in the power of absorbing informative content. Remember, there is no pressure to remember everything.

Earlier in the year I collated a Consumption list, which showcases some of the books, podcasts, newsletters etc. that I enjoy. In the third of a series for the Vine Community, I have collated the top 4 newsletters I have enjoyed in 2018.

Luckily GDPR helped me reduce my email newsletter subscriptions, so I would consider the circa 10 I have left to be pretty good!

Here are my top 4 newsletters

1. Postanly

This is a great newsletter that includes the links to insightful articles from across the internet on Productivity, entrepreneurship, wellness and a host of other self-development topics. Perfect for some interesting morning reading!

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2. New York Times

Gender Letter: a great newsletter from the New York Times on news for women covering seemingly taboo topics, with opinions and thinkpieces from all over the world. My favourite section is the ‘From the archives’ section that looks at a gender-related NYT article from 100+ years ago, and it is interesting to see how much public discourse has moved forward (ish).

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3. Vestpod

A personal finance newsletter for women that is topical, insightful and pretty! I love Vestpod! Their blogs are great covering topics such as stock-picking, pensions and the best money articles online!

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4. Rice At Home Newsletter

Rice at Home is a podcast produce by 3 determined millennials who talk about everything personal development and finance related.

Their newsletters are 'Gary Vee' esque going straight for your jugular with subject lines like 'You don't deserve success. Here's why...', 'I was a drug dealer' and 'Procrastination is the new suicide'.

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Before you go, here are some simple tips to help you remember what you are consuming:

1. Share with your friends or on social media – not only will you inspire your friends and family but you are essentially filing away for yourself. Also, by sharing what you have learnt you test how well you understand!

2. Make notes in your Notes app while you’re reading

3. Pause to take it all in - acquiring knowledge is not a race. When something resonates with you, don’t be afraid to step away from the reading to really absorb it.

4. Repeat what you have read out loud – Think, how does this apply to me?

Any newsletters I missed? Let me know @MillennialMaryA

Mary Agbesanwa is a Management consultant in the financial services industry and Careers Blogger on Medium. She loves to read articles online and is passionate about breaking stereotypes about Millennials.

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