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Foundervine invited to No.10

The team met with the Prime Minister's Business Advisor to discuss support for BME entrepreneurs

David Fisayo, Izzy Obeng and Cecil Adjalo at 10 Downing Street

David Fisayo, Izzy Obeng and Cecil Adjalo from Foundervine were invited to 10 Downing Street today.

The team met with one of the government’s Business Advisors to discuss how the government and industry can better support young, BME entrepreneurs and raise the profile of opportunities. 

"We believe that companies of the future will not be measured by the value of their assets, but on the impact they have on the communities around them. Being invited to no.10 was a good opportunity to have a timely and open discussion about how industry can help provide practical and sustained support to foster entrepreneurial thinking and action "- Izzy Obeng, Founding Director, Foundervine


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