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If You Only Read Four Books In 2018, Read These

I truly believe in the power of absorbing informative content.

Earlier in the year I collated a Consumption list, which showcases some of the books, podcasts, newsletter etc. that I enjoy. In the second of a series for Foundervine members, I have collated top 4 books I have enjoyed in 2018. Enjoy!

I am currently on track with my goal to read a book every two weeks, which should mean 26 books this year. I have found fiction so powerful to help re-ignite my creativity!

Here are my top 4 books:

1. Homo Deus – Yuval Noah Harari:

'Homo Deus will shock you. It will entertain you. It will make you think in ways you had not thought before’ – review by Nobel Prize winning Psychologist Daniel Kahneman,

I couldn’t describe this book better. It is literally incredible. If you love thinking about the future and are interested in human behaviour and trends this book is definitely for you.

It is incredible and I couldn’t stop highlighting every other paragraph!

2. Homegoing – Yaa Gyasi:

I don’t want to write any words encouraging you to read this book as anything I say won’t do it justice.

You are going to have trust me that this book is truly beautiful. If every piece of fiction was as beautiful as this book I wouldn’t read non-fiction anymore. The book is about generational trauma through the ancestry of a Ghanaian family from slavery to Modern day. It is both historical and deeply moving about themes such as slavery, war and family. You will love it, but don’t blame me if you cry.

3. Brit(ish) – Afua Hirsch

This books is incredible and I was lucky enough to meet and get it signed by the woman herself a few months ago.

The book is non-fiction and looks back at history and what it means to be a second generation Black British person. Her ability to intertwine her personal story with wider facts about the black British experience is so refreshing.

4. Slay in Your Lane - Elizabeth Uviebinené and Yomi Adegoke

Let’s reflect for a moment how it is 2018 and only now that we are getting a young black women’s equivalent of Lean In.

Yomi and Elizabeth are breaking barriers and smashing it with their new book following a five-figure book deal and being pursued by 9 different publishers! The book includes interviews with 39 top Black British women from a variety of fields.

Before you go, here are some simple tips to help you remember what you are consuming:

1. Share with your friends or on social media – not only will you inspire your friends and family but you are essentially filing away for yourself. Also, by sharing what you have learnt you test how well you understand!

2. Make notes in your Notes app while you’re reading

3. Pause to take it all in - acquiring knowledge is not a race. When something resonates with you, don’t be afraid to step away from the reading to really absorb it.

4. Repeat what you have read out loud – Think, how does this apply to me?

Any books I missed? Let me know @MillennialMaryA

Mary Agbesanwa is a Management consultant in the financial services industry and Careers Blogger on Medium. She loves to read articles online and is passionate about breaking stereotypes about Millennials.


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