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#SU54 Founder Series: Zainab Mohammed

As soon as I walked in Pivotal Labs, I knew it was going to be a weekend to remember. Greeted by the Foundervine team, I walked into a room full of young, bright, passionate individuals who chose to spend their weekend cultivating an idea to help solve issues in Africa and bring this idea to life. The evening started with Izzy’s very inspiring TEDx presentation about how the future will be built in Africa, which really set the scene for the rest of the 54 hours. The masterclasses stretched my mind as we were given tools for building an MVP in 54 hours.

You would have thought we’d be exhausted from a very busy week of work, but I felt energised; we’d all come with a mission, and it was with this shared goal that made the weekend worthwhile. Collaboration, consistency, communication and passion, the whole 54 hours.

There were so many highlights since all the teamwork, masterclasses, mentoring sessions and Skype calls contributed the success of the hackathon. One of the highlights was networking with the amazing teams and mentors as I tried to figure how the hot water tap worked, or during lunchtime as we shared how our ideas were going.

My mind was blown, I learned so much, did so much, and met so many like-minded individuals! Thanks to Foundervine, Pivotal labs, the mentors, judges and the masterclass presenters for challenging us to think about the future of Africa in sustainable way.


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