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SU54: The Role of The Diaspora

It's the diaspora in partnership with entrepreneurs on the ground who hold the keys to Africa's growth. The perception of African diaspora as no more than a ‘brain drain’ whose role in Africa’s development is limited to financial remittences is beginning to be eroded. More and more of us are becoming engaged with Africa and its growth story, recognising its opportunities and ultimately carving out our own roles in its development. The power of technology has played a huge part in this. It has provided platforms whereby connections can be made and authentic stories - untouched by mainstream media outlets - can be told.

It’s always been the goal of Foundervine to support growth in Africa by connecting entrepreneurs on the continent to a global community.

This November (Friday 9th to Sunday 11th), we're bringing together 60 young entrepreneurs to build a tech start up that can transform Africa and contribute to the UN’s 16 Sustainable Development Goals. At StartUp 54: Africa Tech we’ll be going from Idea to Pitch in just 54 hours! Here’s what to expect:

Day 1 Ideate + Create

Meet your new co-founders, generate ideas, form teams, hear from established founders and start work on your business model.

*Keynote Speech: What does Africa's tech future look like?

Day 2 Build & Grow

Work on your idea, receive expert mentoring and access to the training you need to find customers and build your product.

*All our mentors have expertise in Africa, tech, businesses development and/or experience on the ground.

Day 3 Pitch!

Pitch in front of a panel of expert judges, win prizes and celebrate your achievements! You also network and mingle with judges and mentors.

*Earn #Vinecoin all weekend for reaching your milestones and ‘investment’ from your fellow attendees.

If you’re interested in tech and passionate about Africa this is not an event to be missed. It will be an opportunity to generate or refine your business idea and carve out your role in Africa’s growth story.

Tickets are available now and selling fast. See you there!

If you have any questions feel free to email the Foundervine team [email protected]


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