Attend the next startup 54 in your city.

Foundervine is the home of Startup 54 - an immersive learning programme that helps diverse entrepreneurs build startups from scratch.

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imagine a weekend filled with brilliant speakers, thought-provoking masterclasses and high-impact startup-building for young people in a classroom.


By organising a SU54 event, you can create a unique gathering of your community that will build entrepreneurial skills, unlock potential and unleash new startup teams.

SU54 format

A 54-hour immersive event that includes a suite of short, inspirational talks, impactful masterclasses, mentoring sessions and group activities designed to foster learning, inspiration and business model building. Participants form teams, build business models and pitch their startups in 54 hours. 

Diversity of topics

The theme of each SU54 event is decided by the organising institution. Choose a theme based on your students interests whether that's social enterprise, fintech, global health or more...

Community-driven and bias-free 

A SU54 event is locally organised and just like our central SU54 events, they are fully inclusive and designed to support anyone in starting a business, regardless of background or belief. The goal is to form innovative ideas, spark connections and build community.

SU54x structure:

Day 1: ideate + connect

On Day 1,

you meet your new co-founders, generate ideas, form teams, hear from established founders and start work on your business model

day 2: build + grow

On Day 2,

you get to work on your idea, receiving expert mentoring and access to the training you need to find customers and build your product

day 3: refine + pitch

On Day 3,

you pitch in front of a panel of expert judges, win prizes and celebrate your achievements! You also network and mingle with judges and mentors. 


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