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Our latest STARTUP 54 saw 8 startups pitch their Fintech business ideas developed over the weekend

We gave the audience Vinecoin to invest in their favorites and this is what they decided

Business Score.

6,000 Vinecoin Raised

Free business credit scores forever. We’re like Clearscore but for businesses.

Team: Andrew, Rich, Freddie, Ayo, Dishita

Issa Goal.

5,600 Vinecoin Raised

A fun app which helps you to improve your credit score through the gamification of financial education in order to reach your financial goals.

Team: Mary, Emmanuel, Jeffrey, Joshua, Eliza, Sawida, Sitara 


1,700 Vinecoin Raised

A social network facilitating community amongst entrepreneurs, mentors and venture capitalists

Team: Cat, Sam and Tara

Wizz Coin.

1,500 Vinecoin Raised

Kids e-game focused on financial literacy using coins based rewards.

Team: Tatara, Eduardo, Will, Mel & Sandra

What is Vinecoin?


Vinecoin is the currency used at our events for a number of things including investing in business ideas, showing appreciation for other team members, and winning competitions. Vinecoin can be exchanged for limited and exclusive Foundervine gear. In future, Vinecoin will be used for a lot more....... Come to our next event to get some