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Foundervine Immerse | Lloyds Bank | Accelerators

Interested in joining the Foundervine Immerse Ecosystem?

The Foundervine Immerse programme will create an immersive ecosystem of support with multiple touchpoints for working professionals and founders at various stages of their journey.

The programme has been inspired by the Black. British. In Business & Proud Report 2021, which shows that Black owned businesses face significant challenges in starting, growing and accessing the right support. The mission of this partnership between Foundervine and Lloyds Bank is to create an equitable landscape for Black entrepreneurs and other underrepresented founders to have the best opportunity to start, grow, adapt and thrive in their business pursuits.

Over the course of 2022, we are offering founders, or aspiring founders, the opportunity to participate in a range of initiatives and events covering themes such as: finance, marketing, digital skills, scaling a business and mental health. The blended programme of in-person and virtual events, as well as regular educational content, offers participants the chance to fully immerse in a journey which improves knowledge and skills, whilst feeling supported within a community of like minded entrepreneurs and industry experts.

What does the programme involve?

The Foundervine Immerse programme includes a series of spotlight events, community get-togethers, accelerators and an online educational video series. These initiatives are all led by subject matter experts to provide founders with the skills, tools, and resources to build and grow their business.

Community Get Togethers

Bringing together a mix of founders, working professionals, mentors, speakers, & Lloyds Bank teams together at in-person connection building events.


Evening Spotlight Events

Coming together to talk about specific topics in the evening with amazing panel speakers, networking opportunities and Q&A sessions.



A journey of learning, mentoring, experience & networking. Topics include: Marketing, Accounting, Sales, Networking, Investment Readiness &

Digital Skills.



Curated bitesize learning videos to educate, inspire & build community engagement. They will feature local & identifiable entrepreneurs sharing their knowledge & experience to inspire the next stage of your journey.


Are you a founder looking for a support network?

Upcoming Events

Marketing & Sales Accelerator

02 March 2022 | 17:30 - 20:00

This accelerator is the ideal solution for founders looking for support to introduce their startup to the marketplace, launch their product, break into a new vertical, or create a buzz to attract further funding.

Isabella Mahoney | Foundervine Immerse | Lloyds Bank

The brilliance of our Immerse programme is that it has something for every and any founder. Whether you're looking to expand your networks, build and grow your business, upskill in a focused area or even start to scale - this programme offers such a wide breadth of opportunity and expertise to help any entrepreneur grow.

I am looking forward to seeing it flourish and support great and unique businesses.

Isabella Mahoney 

Programme Manager | Foundervine

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