We're on a mission to change the global face of entrepreneurship

But, what does that mean?

It means building a future where anyone, regardless of their background, can start and grow a sustainable business from scratch. It means recognising that by building the pipeline of diverse talent in industry now, we invest in a more inclusive digital tech ecosystem for the long run.

Foundervine is an award-winning social enterprise focused on running immersive startup acceleration programs that help young people from underrepresented communities imagine, start, and grow new ventures. 

We were set up by a small group of management consultants and enterprise educators as a progressive and charitable organisation in response to the scarcity of diverse talent successfully pursuing the establishment and growth of information technology entrepreneurship ventures. The low rates of investment, personal network connections, access to low/no-cost advice constitute some of the greatest barriers and Foundervine seek to break these down systematically.


Whilst traditional accelerator models focus largely on education, we understand that underrepresented founders face multidimensional challenges regarding confidence, access to mentorship and community-building. Foundervine uniquely focuses on these additional elements to increase likelihoods of success. Our programs therefore combine digital skills, business training and stakeholder introductions, within a blended learning model using the latest interactivity tools.


We have consistently demonstrated our reliability and have been trusted numerous times to deliver high impact startup acceleration programmes. Our partners and clients include PwC UK, Capital Enterprise, University of London and various educational institutions across the country.


We look forward to working with organisations of all kinds to grow the pipeline of diverse talent in the digital tech ecosystem.

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