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Founder Matching Event

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Grow your business.
Build your

Building a successful business takes a great team with compatible co-founders and members who share your vision and work ethic. That's where our Founder Matching event comes in - we'll help you connect with potential co-founders and experts who share your passion and goals. 

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Searching for a Co-Founder or the chance to join a startup?

Are you an industry expert keen to share your expertise with a start-up as a co-founder or c-suite member? If so fill out the form below and we will put you in a room with interested founders.

  • Pitch & Reach: A two-round networking session. Round one will be based on talent matching you with compatible individuals. The second round will be based on the skills of the members

  • Networking: Have 1-1's with those you have selected from your Pitch & Reach session

Application Process

  • Please note, we will be in touch with you if we find suitable matches for you on a first come first serve basis

  • You will need a valid TT38 test to be considered eligible for this event. If the test is invalid, you will get one more opportunity to retake it

  • The data you share about your business or skills will be shared in a virtual pack that will be made available to all attendees on the event day

Apply online

Complete our application online 


Fill out the TT38

talent form

Meet- up

Meet other founders & experts & network


Got your team? Get going and scale up your team.

“This programme has been incredibly impactful in so many ways but seeing the brightest, most brilliant business owners and professionals build a strong community of trailblazers in the entrepreneurial space is phenomenal. I am really looking forward to supporting the running of a second year of Immerse in seeing what this year’s opportunities can do for our community and watch them grow, build and scale.”

Meena Sadasivan

Programme Associate, Foundervine

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