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Amplify Venture

Amplify Venture programme, is a two-year programme funded by the UK Government for ambitious founders looking to grow and scale their businesses in London. This programme will provide a series of programmes and opportunities for businesses across different sectors to fuel their success and growth.


2023 - 2024


Funded by UK Government. A 3-month accelerator tailored to empower founders from diverse backgrounds, on the path to achieving their fundraising goals. Access to business development advice, mentorship, relationship brokerage and peer-to-peer support.


2023 - 2024

Wray Forward

In partnership with Wray & Nephew, this programme features a series of masterclasses tailored to directly support Black-owned businesses today, tomorrow and beyond. The programme also offers a Music Accelerator helping Black business owners in music increase visibility, scale up their business, and access investment.


Jun - Dec 2023

Foundervine Immerse

In partnership with Lloyds Bank. This programme provides an immersive ecosystem of support for working professionals and founders at various stages of their journey.


Feb - Dec 2023

Barclays Black Founder
Accelerator 4

A 12-week programme designed to champion Black founder-led businesses through a series of masterclasses and one-to-one mentoring to help them accelerate and grow.


Jul - Nov 2023

Barclays Black Venture Growth Programme

The Barclays Black Venture Growth Programme is a 16-week programme for UK's most promising scaleups in technology and innovation. Specifically designed for revenue-generating founders, the accelerator focuses on driving growth and breaking down fundraising barriers.


Aug - Jan 2024

Thrive with Sainsbury's

A free comprehensive 16-week incubator programme that will help Black-led start-up businesses with a £1,000,000 commitment to supporting their transition to

supermarket shelves.


Aug - Feb 2023

WeWork Diverse Founders Programme

The Diverse Founders Programme in collaboration with WeWork for the second time will offer flexible workspace solutions to early-stage entrepreneurs from ethnically diverse backgrounds. This programme will offer WeWork All Access passes to 100 founders for a period of 12 months starting from January 2023. 


Oct 2022

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