A catalyst for unleashing the potential of underserved talent 

What is the aim of the Vine Community?

The Vine Community brings together a network of changemakers ready to lead and transform our society by making innovation open to anyone, anywhere.

We offer a supportive and inclusive community that can help you reach your goals:

Get access to experts and resources

Exclusive events, funding & job opportunities

Connections to expand your  networks

Tiffinay Chiu 3

Founder Spotlight

Tiffany Chiu, the Founder of JulieMay Lingerie, which is the UK-only certified allergy-friendly underwear brand that’s ethically made with Organic Pima Cotton. She is an alumnus of our Lloyds accelerators programme, and believes that Innovation and marketing are crucial pillars for all businesses across all sectors.

Tiffany recently discussed her experience setting up JulieMay with us, and the insights she gain from her entrepreneurial journey! She also shares a book for entrepreneurs struggling with structure. Check it out below!

Community Advisory Committee

The Vine Community hosts individuals at different stages of their career or entrepreneurial journey - from graduates looking to start their career, to entrepreneurs with early-stage business ideas or founders looking to scale their business, as well as a Fellowship of inspirational leaders from across the tech industry.


Supporting a community at varying stages requires having a holistic understanding of their needs and the best possible ways to engage them. The Vine Community Advisory Committee (VCAC) will serve as a group representative of the whole Vine community and provide advice to the Foundervine team on the community engagement strategy through quarterly meetings. 

If you have further questions and would like to find out more please contact [email protected]