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We are incredibly proud to partner with Wray & Nephew to bring you Wray Forward; a free programme featuring a series of workshops and masterclasses tailored to directly supporting Black-owned businesses of today, tomorrow and beyond. 

Why this program,
Why now?

The pandemic drove entrepreneurial spirit, with over 835,000 businesses registered in the UK, with a 42% increase vs 2019 (source: Small Business UK). Though according to the British Business Bank, Black entrepreneurs are still being held back with limited access to financial support, education and opportunities.


In particular, the music industry was one of the hardest hit segments - employment plunged by 35% and the industry’s economic contribution fell by 46% (source: Music Business Week). Despite some improvements in recent years, racism remains rife with 86% of people saying they have faced barriers to their career due to race (source: Black Lives in Music Report). The Wray Forward programme aims to support our entrepreneurial community by improving access and facilitating growth.


Wray Forward is a free programme built to change and support the foundations of our community.


Wray Forward is a pioneering, first-of-its-kind project to support the growth of both community businesses as well as the enterprises behind the artists we know and love.

Music Business Ownership Accelerator

Black ownership in music is an issue we are committed to solving. We’ve built an intensive 3-month accelerator helping Black business owners in music increase visibility, scale up their business, and access investment. The accelerator will be launching in April 2022.

Application launch to be announced soon!

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Digital Resilience for our Communities

The high street is a challenging environment, so we are building a 9-month programme for community businesses to help you scale up, expand your network, and discover new opportunities.

Programme & Events 2022

Workshop 1: How to Build your Influence in your Industry in 5 Key Steps?

This workshop will help you define your ‘Why’ at the centre of your personal brand and mind-map the factors that are important to you in order to shape that brand for impact. It includes practical ways to learn the power of influence, not control. The most effective way to build influence is by curating a strong personal brand.

Workshop 2: How to Secure your First Major Brand Partnership?

This workshop will help successfully guide budding creators to land their first major brand partnership. It should be suitable for creators about to start their creator journey and micro-influencers. Topics to be covered should include but are not limited to designing a strong personal brand, how to find aligned brands for partnerships, networking, the difference between influence and control and contract expectations. 


Workshop 3: How to Build a Strong Business Model?


The session will provide information on what a Business Model Canvas is, conducting market research, and writing Business Plans. We will cover why this planning is important and how proper planning can help make your business more successful. 

Workshop 4: How to Deliver Great Value to your Customers: Keeping them Loyal?

This workshop is designed to support founders in understanding the necessities and prerequisites of growing a healthy and thriving relationship with their consumers by delivering great value to them. It will also address the common mistakes founders make, especially when trying to scale up, usually to the detriment of their consumers. This workshop will help navigate founders to understand the delicate balance and importance of maintaining relationships with their consumer base, especially during transitions like scaling up, expansions, etc.

Workshop 5: How to Market for Growth?


This workshop will introduce you to the concept of Marketing for growth; which is a data driven approach to finding the highest performing areas in a company’s marketing systems. This often involves taking a holistic view at the entire sales funnel rather than just the top of the funnel activities.

...and much more to be announced! Register below to be the first to know when workshop sign up opens!​