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Are you a founder of an early-stage startup looking to take your business to the next level? We have the perfect solution for you! Join our Immerse Early Stage accelerator and get ready to supercharge your growth over an exciting 9-week journey.

Our accelerator is designed to provide you with the essential tools and expert guidance you need to develop your MVP into a thriving business. You'll receive personalised coaching and access to masterclasses that will cover a range of topics from business modelling to sales strategies and marketing for growth.

But that's not all! The accelerator culminates in a Demo Day, where you'll have the opportunity to pitch your MVP and potentially secure a small grant to jumpstart your business. Don't wait - apply now and supercharge your growth! Join us for an incredible opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and take your business to the next level.

Key Benefits

Access to £15k
funding pot
Pitch your business to investors
Join a community
of founders
Access to expert coaching
1-1 advice from
Lloyds staff
16+ hours of group learning session
Lloyds Immerse Website Strip (1).png

How to Apply

Your Business
  • UK Registered Business

  • Ready to launch: have clear proposition/proof of traction 

  • At least 3-6 months running your business 

  • Launching your MVP 

  • Open to all industries

You/Your Team
  • At least 1 founder (or C-suited) self identifies as Black or of Black heritage 

  • You have proven expertise in your industry

    • You are available to attend all the masterclasses over the 9 week period

Apply online

Complete our application online 

Submit Video

Shortlisted candidates submit video responses


Accept your placement offer within two days


Join the accelerator and maximise your potential

Lloyds Immerse Website Strip (1).png

Masterclasses on Offer

Value Beyond Products

Discover the value you provide to your customers beyond just your products or services with our expert-led masterclass on defining your value proposition.

Legal Essentials 101

Learn to differentiate and understand crucial documentation for early-stage start-ups such as founder agreements, articles of incorporation, and shareholder agreements.

Business Modelling

Unlock the secrets to building a successful startup with our expert-led masterclass on creating a sustainable business model using the lean canvas methodology.

Strategy For Growth

In our first session, we'll help you master the art of sales and avoid common pitfalls, while maximizing existing processes. Next, discover data-driven tactics to optimize your marketing system and find your highest performing areas.

Essential Finance

Master the basics of finance and gain valuable techniques to interpret financial statements, including balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements.

Accessing Finance

Join our expert finance panel to explore alternative funding options for your start-up journey, including crowdfunding, debt funding, sales revenue, and investment. Discover the best options for your unique business needs.

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The accelerator was life-changing, not only was I able to interact and engage with some incredibly inspiring speakers and mentors, I was able to grow my network of fellow entrepreneurs who are looking to make a real change and impact on the world. One of the greatest outcomes I got out of the accelerators was setting up my MVP. Additionally, it has informed me a lot more about the marketing avenues and strategies around the brand. It further helped me understand the needs and requirements for building a community.

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