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At Foundervine, we focus on building a world with no social or economic barriers to innovation. Funding remains extremely elusive for diverse and underrepresented founders. According to an Extend Ventures report that reviewed funding data over a 10 year period from 2009-2019, funding disparity is rampant:


  • All-ethnic teams received an average of just 1.7% of venture capital funding

  • All-female teams received just 2.87% of funding compared to 68.33% for all male teams

  • Despite Black and multi-ethnic communities making up 14% population, black founders have received just 0.24% of total investment

  • Black female founders have an even tougher time, receiving just .02% of funding


It is clear that funding is the biggest barrier to creating inclusive, sustainable new economies. One of our main goals in the coming years is to provide our community with access to funding. Foundervine is on a mission to provide financial assistance to change-making founders making a difference in their communities and we are excited to invite you to join us on this journey by making a donation to ‘The Vine Fund’. 

Four Year
Impact Report

Coming Soon

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An internally-sponsored funding pool for entrepreneurs in Ghana and Nigeria


Providing grants to help social enterprises rebuild from COVID-19 in the UK

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