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Creating inclusive opportunities for entrepreneurs

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The Non Alc

The Non-Alc Revolution events explore the growing opportunities and trends in the non-alcoholic drinks market in the UK.


These events in collaboration with Distill Ventures, provide opportunities for founders to learn about entrepreneurship in the drinks industry, network with industry experts, and participate in informative discussions with peers. Come and join us at our next event, details of which can be found below!

Paddington Works, 8 Hermitage St, London W2 1BE
04 April 2023 | 18:00 - 21:00

Join us for The Non-Alc Revolution Panel Discussion

  • Interact with supermarket buyers and gain valuable insights into the requirements for securing a coveted spot on the shelves

  • A seasoned mixologist will share the critical components of creating a winning non-alcoholic drink

  • Ask burning questions and learn the tricks of the trade from founders who have successfully launched their brands

  • Network with fellow entrepreneurs and investors in the drinks industry

  • Sample delicious non-alcoholic drinks from showcasing founders


Paddington Works, 8 Hermitage St, London W2 1BE
04 April 2023 | 18:00 - 21:00


Trends of the future

Meet the experts

Meet our esteemed panel of experts in the beverage industry!

"I launched my first drinks business Caleño, 4 years ago. In the early years I recognised the lack of diversity in the industry and female founders in this space. This is still very much the case and I'm passionate about helping to drive a change so that we may see, champion and celebrate more female entrepreneurs in this industry who undoubtedly will go on to achieve great things"

Senior Buyer

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"No/low alcohol is a rapidly developing space and it’s so important to be aware of and stay ahead of the changes. I’m hoping I can share some insight into what I look for in a no/low product pushing for space on our shelves, but equally hoping I can learn more about the new and exciting developments in no/low from the founders and entrepreneurs at the event."

Kieran Ballinger-Hepsworth


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Distill Ventures (DV) is the drinks industry’s first accelerator for new and growing brands. Since its founding in 2013, DV has invested in 35+ brands in a wide range of drinks categories, including New World whisky, premium gin, and non-alcoholic spirits. Through a combination of cash investment, mentoring support and access to a network of experts, DV works with founders from all backgrounds and stages of growth to help brands go further, faster. 

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