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Getting the most out of Founderfest 2018

Annette Oppong

Only 1% of VC-funded startup founders are black.

There are currently 4 black and minority ethnic CEOs OF FTSE 100 Companies

It’s statistics like these about the world of business and entrepreneurship that has led to the need for organisations like Foundervine.

I’m not an entrepreneur. Just a young person from inner city London with an interest in business and entrepreneurship and a passion for seeing more diverse players in the field; creating household names for and by us. This is what attracted me to Foundervine - an organisation creating a space for entrepreneurs from diverse communities to access the support to launch, scale and succeed in their businesses.

One of the key tools I believe to be lacking within our communities are strong and valuable networks. Without this, many of our businesses fail to make the mark. Access to a network of peers taking on similar journeys and to successful entrepreneurs are key to creating an environment of support and mentorship where entrepreneurs can thrive and see their businesses grow.

Founderfest 2018

So, in the name of diversity in the entrepreneurial space, Foundervine will be hosting ‘Founderfest’ on March 9th 2018. For whatever stage of your business journey you are, Founderfest is bringing together a community of entrepreneurs, business professionals and expert advisors to help you along the way!

Here are my my top tips for getting the most of Founderfest 2018:

1. Do your research There will be a fantastic line up of successful entrepreneurs and industry experts (check them out here), make the most of them by doing your research beforehand. Have a google and use Linkedin to look into the speakers and topics you have a particular interest in to ensure you stand out from the crowd with some well thought out questions.

*Tip: Prepare at least 2 questions for your person/ topic of interest.

2. What is your why? Why have you decided to attend Founderfest? What do you hope to achieve from the day? Reflecting on these questions will help you focus your attention on your desired outcomes. Write them down. Consider what you would need to do before, during and after to best achieve these. This is a great way to add value to your experience and get your money’s worth!

*Tip: Write down at least 3 achievable goals beginning with “I will…”

3. Take notes! A basic essential at any networking event but so often forgotten. Bring along a pen and notebook (or however else you prefer to take notes) to get down all the important gems you will probably forget by the time you get home!

*Tip: Write down any key names and contacts. 4. Make contact - early! It’s not enough to have a great discussion. Once you’ve taken details, make contact and make contact early! By sending a follow up message (ideally the next day), this makes it more likely you will be remembered and demonstrates you have a keen interest in building a valuable relationship.

*Tip: Avoid awkward endings. Once you feel a conversation is coming to a close, shake hands and thank them for their time before walking away.

5. Have fun!

My most important tip is to enjoy the experience. Foundervine is all about creating spaces where young budding entrepreneurs feel at home.Connect with your peers and meet like-minded people to take on your journey with you!

See you there!


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