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4 Awesome Apps That You Should Download Right Now

I really believe in the power of absorbing informative content. Remember, there is no pressure to remember everything.

Earlier in the year I collated a Consumption list, which showcases some of the books, podcasts, newsletters, apps etc. that I enjoy. In the last of a series for the Vine Community, I have collated the top 4 Apps that I’m using right now.

There are thousands and thousands of Apps out there. Here are some I’m finding really useful at the moment.

1. 7M Workout and 7M women

I can’t remember how I found out about these Apps but they are great. They include a variety of 7 minute workouts that help when you get stuck and are looking to switch-up your exercises in the gym.

Covers toning arms, abs and other full body workouts. So important because of course, health is wealth!

Download here: Android | iTunes

2. Moment

An App that tracks how much time you are spending on your phone and where. Great if you are keen to reduce this or if you just like looking at the data (latter = me).

3. Yolt

We could all do with great transparency across our bank accounts and my favourite Open banking app has to be Yolt. It really easily aggregates your bank accounts to categorise your spending, helping you have greater transparency over your cashflow too.

Every great entrepreneur needs to have finances in check and I’m sure this app will help you.

Download here: Android | iTunes

4. Ready, Set, Holiday!

A cheeky app that lets you countdown the days, minutes and seconds till your next holiday and track the weather, hotel prices, create a holiday checklist and more. Because sometimes we all need that extra motivation!

Download here: Android | iTunes


Before you go, here are some simple tips to help you remember what you are consuming:

1. Share with your friends or on social media – not only will you inspire your friends and family but you are essentially filing away for yourself. Also, by sharing what you have learnt you test how well you understand!

2. Make notes in your Notes app while you’re reading

3. Pause to take it all in - acquiring knowledge is not a race. When something resonates with you, don’t be afraid to step away from the reading to really absorb it.

4. Repeat what you have read out loud – Think, how does this apply to me?

Any newsletters I missed? Let me know @MillennialMaryA

Mary Agbesanwa is a Management consultant in the financial services industry and Careers Blogger on Medium. She loves to read articles online and is passionate about breaking stereotypes about Millennials.


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